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Live Support!

What's the maximum size of an Email Message including attachments?

The maximum size of any message including attachments is 35 MB.

However, since all email messages are MIME Encoded, the actual limit is lower. Typically, the MIME Encoding overhead is about 25-28%.

This means the actual message size including attachments is around 25 MB maximum!

To avoid having your messages bounce (inbound or outbound), limit total attachments to 25 MB or less.

This applies to both inbound and outbound messages. In addition, if recipients of your email messages are not using Bloomland's Email Services for their Email Messaging, their inbound message size limit may be lower than 25 MB, as a result, your message will bounce back to you! This is a limitation of other Email Service providers that Bloomland have no control over!

It's best that you check with your message recipients as to their service providers' Email Message size limits before sending any large attachments to them.