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Live Support!

What type of Mailing Lists do Bloomland support?

Because of wide-spread use of certain types of Mailing Lists by Spammers to generate SPAM, Bloomland supports the use of just two basic types of mailing or distribution lists within its core standard Email Services.

  1. Restricted Domain based Mailing/Distribution List with NO subscribe or unsubscribe for out-of-domain users. Domain users can add themselves to the list or have a Domain Administrator add them in. For out-of-domain members, the Domain's Administrator must add their email addresses to the list manually.
  2. User based Address Group. Each Domain User can create their own mailing list by adding addresses from their Address Book.

If you have the need to use Full-Featured Automated Subscription based Mailing Lists, consider using Bloomland's Hosted Web Services if you haven't already done so. Please contact our Sales Team for more information.