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Live Support!

We're upgrading our Email Services platform, how will this affect your hosted Email Accounts?


Dear Valued Customer,


In an ongoing effort to improve our services, we will be upgrading our Email Services platform over the next several weeks starting October 1, 2011.


In order to facilitate a smooth transition, before we migrate your Email accounts to our new and improved Email Services platform, we will need to reset your accounts' password. You will receive an email from us with your new password 2 to 3 business days prior to your email accounts being migrated. In addition, you'll be given the exact date the migration will take place and the estimated completion time.


Please reset your account's password once the migration is completed to ensure the security and privacy of your email accounts.


The migration will take place generally between 12:00am to 4:00am PDT (8:00am to 12:00pm GMT) on the scheduled migration date.


Our New Email Services platform has many improved and streamlined features that will allow us to provide a more robust and secure platform than our current legacy Email Services platform.


How will this migration affect you?


That all depends on how you currently access your emails.


There are generally two types of Email Accounts with 3 different ways of accessing them under our current platform:


  1. POP3 Email Accounts (accessed via an Email Client such as Outlook, Thunderbird, etc...)

  2. IMAP Email Accounts (accessed via an Email Client such as Outlook, Thunderbird, etc...)

  3. IMAP Email Accounts (accessed via a Web Browser such as IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc...)


If you access your emails via POP3, then this migration will mostly NOT affect you other than your account password will be reset in order to facilitate your account migration to the New Email Services platform.

In addition, our New Email Services platform will only support standard RFC ports for messaging, any users who are using non-standard ports to connect to our legacy Email Services platform will need to adjust their Email Client's "Outgoing Server Settings" after the migration has completed in order to connect to our new servers! Please see our FAQ for detailed instructions on how to change this setting.


If you access your emails using either method 2 or 3 above, then the following guidelines will apply to you.


  • All existing emails and email-folders in your account will be migrated.

  • All your unexpired calendar events will be migrated.

    • A Complete Backup of your Calendar Events will be provided in a .ics (iCal) formatted file for easy import into other Calendar Events Management tools in other platforms such as iPhone & Android.

  • All your contacts will be migrated with the following limitations:

    • Only the core Contact Fields will be migrated. The following list the current Contact fields that will be migrated.

      • 1. Name

      • 2. First Name

      • 3. Last Name

      • 4. Email

      • 5. JobTitle

      • 6. Company

      • 7. HomePhone

      • 8. BusinessPhone

      • 9. MobilePhone

      • 10. HomeAddress

      • 11. BusinessAddress

      • 12. Notes.

    • Any extra Contact information NOT listed above that you may have added will NOT be migrated to the Address Book in the New Email Service platform.

    • You will be provided with a Complete backup of your existing Address Book in case you have the need to import it into other 3rd party Contact Management tools. The backup will be in a .csv (Outlook 2003) formatted text file to allow for easy import into those tools.


  • The following items will NOT be migrated, therefore, must be recreated on the New Email Service platform via the WebMail Client on our New Email Services platform.

  • Email Filters

  • Email Black-Lists

  • Email White-Lists

  • Tasks or To-Do Lists

  • Documents you may have added to the Documents Tab

  • Documents you may have added to the Briefcase Tab

  • Email Signatures

  • Email Forwarding

  • Email Aliases

  • Auto-Reply Messages


So please back up any documents you may have in both the Documents and Briefcase tabs so that you can restore them under the File Storage service in our New Email Services platform.


The Calendar Events & Email Address Book backups will occur after 6pm PDT (2am GMT) on the day before the scheduled migration for your account. This will ensure you'll have the latest possible up-to-date version prior to the migration. Please DO NOT update your Calendar or Address Book after 6pm PDT (2am GMT) on the day before your scheduled migration. Any such updates will NOT be migrated nor backed up!


If you access your emails using Method 2 (IMAP via an email client such as Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird or similar client software), then the following additional guidelines also apply to you.


  • Synchronize ALL your email-folders, Address Books and Calendar Events from within your email client software before 6PM PDT on the day before your scheduled migration.

  • Synchronize the previously listed items again after the migration has completed the following morning. This will ensure that any discrepancies can be resolved by the synchronization.


A series of Email Migration FAQs have been setup on Bloomland's website for your reference. These FAQs contain additional information related to our updated Email Service Policies, manual restore instructions for Calendar Events and Address Books, and other important information regarding our new email services platform.


These FAQs are available at:


Please make sure you take a moment to review these FAQs as they contain updated/changed Bloomland Email Services Policies that may affect your email account usage!


If you have specific needs to remain on our current legacy Email Services platform, please contact our technical support department as soon as possible for special arrangements.


We've also setup a Demo Account on our server for you to test drive the new WebMail client on our New Email Services platform. Please feel free to use this account for getting yourself familiar with the new user interface. The Demo Account is strictly for those who use ONLY a browser to access their emails.


Demo Account Information:




Password: 987654*


Please note that this Demo account is strictly a demo account and is accessible by anyone. Do Not enter any private information into this email account. In addition, the Send Email function has been disabled on this demo account to prevent it from abuse, however, you can send email to this account from other email accounts you may have for testing purposes.


We also appeciate that you don't try to change this demo account's default password as it is used by other users for testing purposes just as you are! Your cooperation is much appreciated!


If you have any additional questions regarding this Email Services Migration not answered by the FAQs, please feel free to contact us at mailto://
Every effort will be made to ensure a smooth transition and migration process, however, due to the sheer variations in email contents, contacts information, calendar events and message sizes amongst Email Services Users, there's always a small chance that some items may not be migrated properly.
The migration process will try to auto detect these types of migration issues and generate an error log for our support team. We will notify you if there were any errors detected during your account migration and work with you to mitigate the issues.
However, for the same reasons stated above, the error detection process is not 100% foolproof. Therefore, if you discover any issues with your email account's content (excluding items that are NOT migrated as listed above) after the migration, please contact us for assistance.