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Use Youtube's URL shortener for your Twitter posts

With the raging popularity of Twitter, link shorteners have become a must have tool for posters trying to save some extra characters in their posts. Knowing how important Twitter is to viral marketing, YouTube has released its own url shortener with links.

This shortener works only with YouTube links so that you know before you click on it that you'll be watching a YouTube clip (unlike other url shorteners that may lead to malicious sites). Google says that this functionality can be used with Autoshare to automatically share your video picks with your Twitter, Facebook and Google Reader following. Also, since "the link contains the ID of the video you're going to see, developers can do interesting things like show you thumbnails, embed the video directly, or track how a video is spreading in real-time" according to YouTube's blog.

To shorten your urls manually just add the video ID directly after the domain. For example:


I wonder if Belgium will be getting royalties with every click?