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SSL Security and Certification

As stories of cyber criminals and security breaches abound in the media, more and more shoppers in the marketplace have concerns about sharing their personal information online. Identity theft and credit card fraud are two of the most damaging crimes being perpetrated today but by using SSL certificates on your ecommerce site your users can feel safe knowing all their personal data is encrypted and out of the hands of criminals.

A SSL (or Secure Socket Layer) certificate enables encryption of sensitive information like address and credit card details during online transactions. Each certificate has a unique owner that is verified by a trusted agency like Verisign and then a unique encryption key is used for each browser session between the user and the site. The level of encryption makes it literally impossible for hijacking and malware programs to siphon off this extremely important data.
You should be looking at using a SSL Certificate if you:

  • Accept orders and credit cards in your online store
  • You offer a secure, password protected area on your site for members only
  • By industry standards, you need to comply with privacy and security policies
  • You expect your visitors to trust you

If you meet any of these criteria, Bloomland can help you set up an SSL certificate on your site today!