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How to Export Address Book from Bloomland's legacy Email Services platform?

Follow these instructions to export your existing Address Books from Bloomland's Legacy Email Services platform. For best results when importing your exported Address Books into Bloomland's New Email Services platform or other Email Messaging clients, make sure you select "Outlook 2003 Contacts" option during the export process outlined below.

What Address Book fields are Imported from other email clients?


When importing contacts list or address book exported from other messaging platform clients, make sure the exported file is in Outlook 2003 .csv (comma separated values) format for the best result. Other .csv file types supported are:

How to import Contacts or Address Book from other Email Clients?

This FAQ shows you how to import address book or contact information exported from other email clients into your new Address Book. Please refer to the “How to export Address Book from Bloomland's Email platforms” FAQ for information on exporting Address Book or Contacts List from that platform.


Follow these steps to import address book or contacts from other email clients: