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Password Security

It is impossible to over emphasize how important having a secure password can be. It’s not only your banking or credit card information that is at stake but also your whole business reputation. What would be the fallout from having your client lists with all their sensitive information stolen and used for fraud? It can literally paralyze a business. For these reasons it is important to follow these simple guidelines for implementing secure passwords:

•    Change your password every 3-6 months – adding a date based component to the password may help you to remember when it’s time to update it

•    Use multiple passwords for different types of sites – use a different password based on how secure the site is. For instance, one high level password with small derivations for your banking sites (ie. r3dv6, r3dv7), one mid level password for ecommerce and shopping sites (that don’t hold your credit card information) and a lower level password for your social networking sites.

•    Use characters from different character classes – the 4 most common classes are lower case letters, upper case letters, numbers and special characters
Making use of these techniques may be a bit of a pain in the short term but they can save a whole lot of stress and frustration in the future!