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How to import Contacts or Address Book from other Email Clients?

This FAQ shows you how to import address book or contact information exported from other email clients into your new Address Book. Please refer to the “How to export Address Book from Bloomland's Email platforms” FAQ for information on exporting Address Book or Contacts List from that platform.


Follow these steps to import address book or contacts from other email clients:


First make sure you log into our New Email Services platform via the WebMail interface available at the following URL:


http://mail.<your domain name>


Where <your domain name> is the domain name portion of your email address after the "@" symbol. For example, if your email address is "", then "" in this case, is <your domain name>.


In this case, your Webmail interface URL would be:


In addition, make sure you check the "Standard" Webmail interface option instead of the default "Basic". This will give you a full AJAX based Webmail Interface, enabling Drag & Drop, Smart Tip-Tool, and many other interactive user interface elements. Whereas, the "Basic" option provides compatibility with almost all browsers, but without any of the AJAX functionalitiy!


Please log into your WebMail interface now before proceeding with the following instructions.


  1. Select an Address Book in the left-pane of the Webmail interface.

    Figure 1.
  2. Click “Manage Contacts” tab as shown in Fig. 1 above.

  3. Click “Import” tab (selected by default) in the “Manage Contacts” dialog box.

  4. Make sure you select “Outlook 2003 (*.csv)” on the drop-down list for the file type you want to import, as shown in Fig. 1 above.

  5. Click “Choose File” button to locate the address book file you've exported from other Email Clients that you want to import now.

  6. Select the check-box for “Add imported contacts to group” if you have created Address Groups in your Address Book. If not, goto Step 8.

  7. Select the Address Group from the “My Groups” drop-down list to import the contacts into. Otherwise, all imported contacts will not be grouped.

  8. Click the “Import” Button to import the selected address book file

    • Repeat Step 3 to Step 8 for additional address book file exported from other email clients that you may have.

  9. Click “Close” to exit the “Manage Contacts” dialog.