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How come there's a limit on number of emails I can send per day?

In the following discussion, a sent email counts as each email sent to a recipient including those in forwarding lists and distribution lists. For example, if an email message has 5 recipients, that will count as 5 emails sent. Further more, if one of the 5 recipient is a distribution list, and that distribution list has 10 members, then the total count of sent emails would be 14!

The daily maximum number of emails that can be sent through each Email Account is 500 for accounts that have been created for more than 2 weeks in our New Email Services platform.

However, for newly created accounts (less than 2 weeks old, including those that have just been migrated from our legacy Email Services platform), there will be a period of graduated increase in number of emails that can be sent each day. This gradual increase spans over a period of 2 weeks starting from the date the account is created or migrated from our legacy Email Services platform.

The following illustrate this graduated scale:

  • 1 Email per day
  • 10 Email per day
  • 25 Email per day
  • 50 Email per day
  • 100 Email per day
  • 250 Email per day
  • 500 Email per day

The increase is fairly rapid initially and slows down gradually over the 2-week span.

These limits are in place to protect our customers from abuse and our networks from congestions caused by Spammers. Please refer to our AUP (Acceptable User Policy), Anti-Spam Policy and Mass Mailing Policy listed in the FAQs section of our website for more detailed information.

These limits are not fixed, and we reserve the right to adjust these limits as needed without any prior notice, especially in cases where Bloomland's network is compromised by Spamming activities from its customers and/or their related 3rd party agents or partners.

If you need to send more than 500 emails per day, please refer to the following FAQ for details on how to increase your daily limit temporarily: