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Drupal Mobile

Do you want to know when a person is accessing your site from a desktop or a mobile device? Does it matter whether you have a mobile only website or not? Would you like to notify your visitors that a mobile version of your website is available automatically? Then you’ve come to the right place, Drupal Mobile solves all the above problems and more:

User Agent Detection
Always know how your visitors are accessing your site. Whether it is from a mobile device or a desktop computer can be a big difference. Knowing this will present the right version of your website to your visitors every time. Also, it is a useful tool to determine where most of your traffic is coming from and optimize your content accordingly.  
Automatic Redirection
Want a mobile site but not a new web address? This module allows for automatic redirection to mobile sites. Have your cake and eat it too.
Automatic Theme Switching
Optimize your site for most popular mobile devices. This module allows you display different themes of your site based on what device your visitors are using. (iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, ... )
Mobile Permissions
Manage what your mobile users can and cannot do on your site. It is a very important module for any type of Ecommerce; it allows you to grant role based permissions. Your users can be separated into various categories with different level of access to content (i.e Free Membership, Basic Membership, Premium Membership)
Mobile Site Notification for Desktop Users
Drive more traffic to your mobile site.  While your visitors are browsing the desktop version of your site, they will be automatically notified that a mobile version of site is also available.
Mobile Web Usability
The importance of choosing the right strategy for mobile web development has never been more important than now. Essentially two choices are available when you are considering a mobile website for your business. You can have your existing website optimized for mobile devices or you can create a separate mobile website.
One Site for All
Have one site do it all. Bloomland can ensure that your current website is mobile ready and all your visitors have to do, is simply type in your current URL ( their mobile devices.
Why it matters?
Choosing to have one site that will serve all, costs less to develop but might compromise how your users experience the site
Mobile Only Website

Have mobile only site. We can develop a website for you that is destined for mobile devices exclusively.  Your url would look like or Another exiting feature that we offer is Automatic Redirection, let’s say you want a separate mobile site but don’t want to use a separate url. In this case your users would type in and get redirected to or

Why it matters?
As the mobile world is moving towards standardization, .MOBI is the emerging winner. What this means for you is that when someone searches for your products and services on their mobile phones, Google prioritizes mobile website first. Contact Us today to find out how we can get the power of mobile working for you.