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December 2013

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May 2012

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Be Smart With Online Librairies and Go Paperless
We’d like to introduce you to one of our "new” clients, Smarten Up Institute, Canada’s premier center for finance education and training. SUI® provides practical, hands on business courses and corporate training to financial professionals including wealth managers, investment and private banking, retail, private equity, asset management, hedge funds, trading specialists, ICPMs and their entire support and IT staff wishing to keep themselves and their skills current. SUI® is a place where collaborative, flexible and well rounded leaders emerge with an understanding of global financial marketplace and a deep knowledge of the processes that fuels it: Product/Technology/Strategy/Compliance/Regulatory/Credit & Risk.

Bloomland is proud to have collaborated in the development of bringing their brand new Online & Eco-friendly “GREEN” Manuals to their product and service offering. We present this to you as a great step forward in reducing paper and thus, carbon emissions, but also to demonstrate the flexibility of services that Bloomland brings to its customers. We’d also like to showcase some of their new courses such as the ETF course or the Life of a Trade: Order Processing, Trading and Clearing, which have been added to their already excellent catalogue of courses! Interested in expanding you financial knowledge? Be sure to read more.

New Services
File Exchange and Data Sharing Service
Don't worry anymore about safely storing files and sharing data online. Our new service, BloomX provides multiple and flexible solutions for all your needs in that area. It's totally secure and doesn't require any installation. Personalize your way of sharing and storing with three flexible plans. Read more about available features.

Tips and Tricks
How to Use QR Codes Effectively
You’ve probably seen these square black and white smudges on flyers, billboards, posters and other real life advertising platforms. For the uninitiated, QR or "Quick Response" codes are graphics that can be scanned with any smart phone and usually contain a wealth of information about a product or service being offered. Visit our blog to find out more.


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The FSC label certifies that a product (such as paper) comes from socially and environmentally responsible forestry.

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