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Captcha - How to Tell If Your Visitors are Human

With the rise of automation online there are many programmers out there who are creating very sophisticated bots in order to steal and use information, links and content as well as gain access to password protected areas. The answer to stopping these is a free program called Captcha or “Completely Automated Public Turing Test To Tell Computers and Humans Apart”.

This is a simple test to distinguish humans from bots before giving them access to specific information or functionality on your site. It consists of a script that generates grading tests that humans can easily pass but current computer programs can’t. So far, bots are not able to read distorted text but humans can which is why this method is currently used on Captcha pages.
Here’s just some of the ways Captcha can be used:                       

  • Prevent comment spam in blogs – no need to make your visitors sign up to comment when you can prevent bogus comments with Captcha
  • Protect any type of website registration – make sure password protected areas remain secure from ‘dictionary attacks’ by forcing a user through a Captcha after too many unsuccessful log in attempts
  • Protect email addresses from scrapers – Captcha’s can help hide your email online by requiring users to fill one out before revealing your contact information. This way it cannot be scraped by a bot
  • Make sure your online poll is only being voted on by real humans and thereby avoiding the disastrous consequences of automated ballot stuffing by bots

There are many other ways Captcha can be used to enhance your website’s security so ask Bloomland’s experts how you can implement this powerful tool into your site.