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Can I Mass Email?

Bloomland Email Mass Mailing Policy

Bloomland does not support outbound mass mailing as a standard offering. As standard practice we limit users from sending mail to large numbers recipients per 24 hour period. This limit is restrictive on the first day of usage, and becomes more lenient over time. Users who reach this limit will experience error messages stating "Daily maximum exceeded".

This limit is subject to change without notice, should our service be compromised. In order to protect our customers we do not publish the numeric limit publicly. This restriction can be overridden by our staff if requested by our customer for a temporary period of time. This request will be submitted through the support organization, and each request will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

Policy objectives

The objectives of our mass mailing policy are the following:

  • Controlling mailing rates that stress systems.
  • Limit outbound message abuse.
  • Eliminating service degradations.
  • Mitigating the thousands of bounce messages in mail queues that delay mail delivery.
  • Mitigating invalid return address information.
  • Eliminating mass mailings during peak business hours.

Definition of Mass Mailing

"Opt-in" mailings are those email messages that are sent to more than 500 users by either Bloomland customers or their third party partner to any group of end users. Opt-in means that the end user has signed up for the mailings voluntarily. "Opt-in" implies that the mailings are not Spam.


Spam is defined as "unsolicited bulk email that includes advertisements or solicitations, commercial or otherwise, regardless of content." Without exception, Bloomland prohibits the practice of mass mailing unwanted email solicitations of any type, regardless of content, and will take action to prevent this practice.

Mass Mailing Requirements


In order to have the sending restrictions lifted for a particular sender: Bloomland requires 48 hours notice. The following information must be provided to our support team:

  • Customer name
  • Number of recipients
  • "From" domain
  • "Target" domain
  • Mailing subject
  • Mailing date
  • Mailing start and end times
  • Rate of mailing (maximum of 10 messages per second)
  • Valid "From", "Reply-To", "Return-Path" and "Error-To" addresses (please list the values used, if any)
  • Copy of the message content
  • Method for users to "opt-out" of mailings Mail send rate: mass mailings are done at a maximum rate of 10 messages/second. Delivery of mass mailings: (mass mailing sent by a domain, whether hosted or not hosted by Bloomland, to domains that are hosted by Bloomland) all mass mailings must be delivered through Bloomland inbound MX machines.

Allowable send times: mass mailings must be started and completed between 9pm and 4am US Pacific Time. Valid "From", "Reply-To", "Return-Path" and "Error-To" headers. If the following values are included in your mail header, they must contain valid addresses, and each email address must accept any bounces at the rate that they occur:

  • "From",
  • "Reply-To",
  • "Return-Path"
  • "Errors-To"

Valid "Abuse contact": customers who send or receive mass mailings MUST supply Bloomland with an emergency abuse contact if there are any problems or complaints associated with the mailing.

Failure to comply with these conditions may result in:

  • Blocking of the mailing currently causing the problems or complaints.
  • Blocking of future mailings until the above requirements are satisfied. (Or until there is an agreement or special dispensation made by the Bloomland Abuse Administrator).
  • If no "abuse contact" is provided to Bloomland, Bloomland reserves the right to block mailings without notifying the customer.